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The French program at UNC Charlotte is an immersive and enriching academic experience designed to develop linguistic proficiency, transferable career competencies such as critical thinking and intercultural communication, and ignite a lifelong passion for language and culture. Whether you’re a beginner or already proficient in French, our program offers a dynamic and supportive learning environment that caters to all levels.

Why study French?

Career Advantages: Proficiency in French opens the door to many new and exciting career opportunities. Whether you’re interested in teaching, international business, diplomacy, translation, or cultural exchange, our program equips you with the skills and intercultural competency sought after in today’s globalized job market. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate double majors, so add French as a major or minor and expand your future job prospects!  

Job opportunities for French speakers will only increase in the future, as French is expected to become an even more important world language by 2050. There are more than 300 million French speakers worldwide today, up more than 10% since 2014, and a recent survey showed that 44% of them live in Africa. Additionally, polls in the Washington Post and Natixis predict that French could be the world’s most spoken language by 2050, as the number of Francophones is expected to triple over the next thirty years. 

Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of French and French-speaking cultures at UNC Charlotte. Our program goes beyond language instruction to explore arts, history, and contemporary social and political issues, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the Francophone world. 

Expert Faculty: Learn from dedicated and experienced faculty members who are not just language experts, but are also passionate about fostering a community around the study of language and culture. Smaller class sizes ensure personalized attention and allow you to thrive academically.

Global Opportunities: As a French major or minor, you’ll have the chance to participate in study abroad programs across the French-speaking world. We offer long-term stays in Lyon and Limoges as well as Spring Break programs in Paris and Martinique. This firsthand experience will deepen your language skills, intercultural competency, and prepare you for success on the global job market.

Innovative Teaching Methods: Our program employs cutting-edge teaching methods to make learning French enjoyable and effective. Our interactive beginner to intermediate language sequence ensures that students are equipped with the communicative tools they need to be successful in a French-speaking environment. Our state of the art Language Resource Center provides free tutoring and access to some of the most up to date learning technologies. Our advanced courses prepare students for graduate study and the job market. We also offer certificates in translating and business French.

Community Engagement: Our program fosters a sense of community that extends beyond the classroom. Connect with fellow students who share your passion for language and culture in the French Club and other events organized throughout the academic year. 

Tailored Curriculum: Whether you aim for a major or a minor, our flexible curriculum allows you to tailor your academic journey to align with your interests and career goals. Choose from a variety of courses that develop proficiencies in language, critical thinking and analytical skills, and intercultural competence.

Multidisciplinary Approach: Our program takes a multidisciplinary approach, integrating history, film studies, philosophy, political theory, and the arts into the study of language. This holistic approach enhances your critical thinking and analytical skills and trains you to effectively communicate your skills to potential employers.

Studying French at UNC Charlotte is your chance to embark on a linguistic and cultural adventure that will open the door to a world of career possibilities, communities, and personal and professional growth. Venez découvrir la beauté de la langue française et élargir vos horizons avec notre programme !

The French Program offers you the following opportunities:

A Major in French consists of 31 credits above the elementary language sequence (1201 & 1202). Students complete 6 language credit hours at the intermediate (2201 & 2202) level and 6 language credit hours at the advanced (3201 & 3202) level. After completion of these language requirements, students take 18 credit hours of French Major courses. In addition, French Majors take 1 credit hour of the Senior Seminar. For more information see the description of the Major in French or contact your advisor, Dr. LaMarca.

A Minor in French consists of 21 credits above the elementary language sequence (1201 & 1202). Students complete 6 language credit hours at the intermediate (2201 & 2202) level and 6 language credit hours at the advanced (3201 & 3202) level. After completion of these language requirements, students take 9 credit hours of required courses. For more information see the description of the Minor in French or contact your advisor, Dr. LaMarca.

Completing a Certificate in Translating is a valuable credential that will set you apart from other job candidates. To earn the certificate, students complete a sequence of four translation courses: one non-language specific and three French-language specific practica. For more information see the description of the Certificate in Translating French-English or contact the coordinator of this program, Dr. LaMarca.

The Certificate in Business French provides practical training in French for international business, which may also be recognized by international examinations. The certificate requires 15 credit hours. Majors in any field are welcome. For more information see the description of the Certificate in Business French or contact the coordinator of this program, Dr. LaMarca.

We offer many study abroad opportunities for students who are interested in the French speaking world. Come climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, eat a croissant in a café on the streets of Limoges, sit in a Gallo-Roman amphitheater in Lyon or explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites of tropical Martinique. You can study abroad in the Fall or Spring semester, for the entire year, or during the summer. Our programs include language instruction, cultural excursions and true immersion in the host culture with home stays. In addition, we offer spring break trips to Paris and Martinique. Credits you earn on our study abroad programs transfer to UNC Charlotte and most count toward the major, and many employers actively seek out candidates with study abroad experience.

For more information see the study abroad opportunities we offer on the website of the Office of Education Abroad and start finding YOUR PROGRAM now or contact the French Program Advisor, Dr. LaMarca.

French Scholarships

Judith Suther Scholarship

This scholarship honors the professor of French at UNC Charlotte who was instrumental in building the French and Translation programs. This scholarship provides financial support for French majors and minors. Please contact your advisor for more information and see the NinerScholars Portal.

Pierre Macy Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial support for French majors and minors.

Please contact your advisor for more information and see the NinerScholars Portal.

French Study Abroad Scholarships

French Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial support for French majors and minors studying abroad.

Please contact your advisor for more information and see the NinerScholars Portal.

International Festival

The annual UNC Charlotte International Festival is centered around booths arranged in colorful marketplace style representing the cultures of over 50 nations. The booths are staffed by UNC Charlotte international students and members of Charlotte’s international community and feature art, crafts and costumes from each participating country. Many booths offer international food for sale. Throughout the day the music and dance of a variety of nations are presented on indoor and outdoor stages. In addition, the International Festival, which is family-oriented, offers a number of elements such as mimes and face painting designed especially for children. French is always well-represented at IFest with a booth where French Club members and French faculty make the best crepes this side of the Atlantic.

French Club

Getting involved in the French Club is a fun and rewarding experience and a way to receive extra credit. You will get a chance to speak French with new people and learn more about the cultures of the French-speaking countries. Participating regularly will improve your language skills and enhance your intercultural competency.

The French Club offers some of the following activities:

Café Pause-Conversation Hour

Each week we meet for a Café Pause for conversation in French. During the pandemic, it is a Virtual Conversation Hour via zoom.

Film Night

We offer a wide array of French films often with subtitles.

Cheese Tasting

Join us to learn about the hundreds of kinds of cheese made in France and taste some of these amazing cheeses.

Quiche Workshop

Join us in one of our foodie workshops. We had fun learning how to make Quiche.

Chocolate Seminar

Come taste chocolate in all forms. We love experiencing and learning about the world of French chocolate.

Mardi Gras Celebration

Join us as we celebrate Mardi Gras every year. We learn to make King cake together and enjoy the tastes and masks of Mardi Gras.

Jeux de Société-Game Nights

Come play with us. We have game nights and have a lot of fun.

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For a full list of recent French alumni, please click here.

Featured Alumni

Eileen Manchester (Jakeway)

Eileen Manchester (Jakeway), a UNC Charlotte Levine Scholar, graduated in 2017 with Majors in French, German, and English as well as a Minor in International Studies Summa Cum Laude and with Honors. Manchester also received a Certificate in Business German. During her undergraduate years, Manchester studied abroad in Limoges, France. She also conducted undergraduate research under the guidance of Professor Stedman. As part of her summer research experience, Manchester used funding provided by the Levine Scholars Program to do archival research at the French National Library in Paris, where Stedman was also working. Manchester presented her research in a poster display at the Charlotte Research Scholars Symposium at UNC Charlotte and earned first place in the category: “Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, and the Arts.” After graduation, she was awarded the extremely prestigious Ertegun scholarship for graduate study in the humanities. It is the first time a UNC Charlotte student won this scholarship. Manchester graduated with an MA in Comparative Literature (French, German, English) from Oxford University in 2018. Manchester returned to the United States and taught High School English at the Field School in Washington, DC for a year.

Currently, Manchester is an innovation specialist on the LC Labs team of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. She works in support of the Library’s Digital Strategy. One of her first projects as an innovation specialist was the Machine Learning + Libraries Summit, which explored the near-term possibilities of applying machine learning techniques in the cultural heritage sector. The Labs team leverages Manchester’s experience in education, digital humanities, and comparative literature to explore innovative ways for the Library to enhance how it produces and disseminates knowledge across systems.

Manchester is the daughter of UNC Charlotte Senior Lecturer in German, Angela Jakeway, and recently married Jack Manchester.

Name Job Title Email
Ryan Augustyniak Francophone Studies Advisor & Assistant Teaching Professor of French
Michèle Bissière Professor of French
Isabelle Buhot-Batista Adjunct Instructor of French
Falone Domle Adjunct Instructor of French
Bobby Hobgood Director, Language Resource Center
Jane Houston Adjunct Instructor of French
Mary LaMarca Associate Teaching Professor of French
Allison Stedman Professor & Coordinator of French & Francophone Studies
Lydie Surget Adjunct Instructor or French

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