Student Grievance Policy

Students in the Department of Languages and Culture Studies who feel they have received unfair or improper treatment should

  • contact the instructor against whom their grievance is directed
  • request an appointment with this instructor
  • if the student feels that the meeting with the instructor was unsatisfactory, they may request an appointment with the instructor’s direct supervisor
    • ​in the case of a Spanish first-year course, the student should make an appointment to see the Spanish First-Year Coordinator
    • in the case of all other courses, the student should make an appointment with the Associate Chair. This request must be made within two weeks after the meeting or the attempt to meet with the instructor
  • the student must present proof to either the First-Year Spanish Coordinator or the Associate Chair that the meeting with the instructor actually took place or that an attempt to meet with him/her was made
  • before meeting with the instructor’s supervisor, the student will describe in a formal letter the object of their grievance and the result of their attempt to resolve the grievance with the instructor directly
  • the Spanish First-Year Coordinator may decide to refer the grievance to the Associate Chair