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Aliaga-Buchenau, Anabel: Aslan Norval, Máximo Castillo, The Dangerous Potential of Reading
Boyd, David: The Girl Who Became a Fish, Weasels in the Attic, Diary of a Void, The Factory, The Hole, Breasts and Eggs, Heaven, All the Lovers in the Night
Bissière, Michèle: Séquences, Contemporary French Cinema
Coria Sánchez, Carlos: Ángeles Mastretta y el feminismo en México, Interviews with Mexican Women, Mexicanos al Grito “Viva Estados Unidos”, Mexican Business Culture, Entre socios, Temas del comercio y la economía en la narrativa hispana, Visiones
Dalton, David: Robo Sacer, Imagining Latinidad, Mestizo Modernity, Healthcare in Latin America
García León, Javier: Espectáculo, Normalización Y Representaciones Otras
Godev, Concepción: Más allá de las Palabras, Translation, Globalization and Translocation, Más allá de las Palabras Activities Manual
Hobgood, Bobby: Studying a World Language
Kaffen, Phil: What is Japanese Cinema?
Koralova, Anastasia: A Manual of Translation from English to Russian, Friendly Russian
Mellinger, Chris: Translating Texts, Quantitative Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies
Pujol, Anton: Plays by Paco Bezerra, Colònia DMZ
Stedman, Allison: Rococo Fiction in France, A Trip to the Country, Voyage de Campagne

Plays by Paco Bezerra: Cutting Edge Spanish Theatre

By Paco Bezerra, Translated by Anton Pujol

This vital anthology includes fresh translations of four of Paco Bezerra’s plays in one edited collection for the first time in English. Winner of the National Literary Drama Award in 2009 and the Calderon de la Barca Theatre Drama Prize for New Authors in 2007, Paco Bezerra has become one of the most lauded and essential voices in the Spanish theatrical scene…

The Girl who Became a Fish

By Osamu Dasai & Nekosuke, translated by David Boyd

Suwa and her father live alone on the slopes of Horsebare Mountain, eking out the most meager of existences. During the warmer months the beautiful waterfall brings a few sightseers, but when winter comes there is only solitude. Suwa would do anything to escape the life to which her father has resigned himself. And the lure of the river is strong…

Robo Sacer Necroliberalism and Cyborg Resistance in Mexican and Chicanx Dystopias

by David Dalton

Robo Sacer engages the digital humanities, critical race theory, border studies, biopolitical theory, and necropolitical theory to interrogate how technology has been used to oppress people of Mexican descent—both within Mexico and in the United States—since the advent of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994…

Imagining Latinidad: Digital Diasporas and Public Engagement Among Latin American Migrants

David S. Dalton & David Ramírez Plascencia

Imagining Latinidad examines how Latin American migrants use technology for public engagement, social activism, and to build digital, diasporic communities. Thanks to platforms like Facebook and YouTube, immigrants from Latin America can stay in…

Studying a World Language: An Interactive Guidebook

By Bobby Hobgood & Adriana Medina

This guidebook is intended for anyone who is learning a language through formal or informal study.  It was written with two underlying premises: Study is essential to language learning; The responsibility for language study is primarily the learners

Translating Texts: An Introductory Coursebook on Translation and Text Formation

Edited By Brian Baer & Christopher Mellinger

Clear and accessible, this textbook provides a step-by-step guide to textual analysis for beginning translators and translation students. Covering a variety of text types, including business letters, recipes, and museum guides in six languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish), this book presents authentic…


By David S. Dalton

After the end of the Mexican Revolution in 1917, postrevolutionary leaders hoped to assimilate the country’s racially diverse population into one official mixed-race identity—the mestizo. This book shows…

Quantitative Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies

By Christopher Mellinger & Thomas Hanson

Quantitative Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies encompasses all stages of the research process that include quantitative research methods, from conceptualization to reporting. In five parts, the authors cover…

Aslan Norval: A Novel

By B. Traven; Translated from the German by Ana-Isabel Aliaga-Buchenau

B. Traven’s last novel, first published in 1960 but never before released in English, features a larger-than-life heroine: Ms. Aslan Norval, an American millionairess with Hollywood roots…

Rococo Fiction in france: 1600-1715: Seditious Frivolty

By Allison Stedman

Rococo Fiction in France reconfigures the history of the “long eighteenth century” by revealing the rococo as a literary phenomenon that characterized a range of experimental texts from the end of the French Renaissance to the eve of the French Revolution. Tracing the literary rococo’s evolution from the late 1500s to the early 1700s, and exploring its radicalization during the 1670s, 80s, and 90s…

Más allá de las palabras

By Olga Gallego Smith, Concepción B. Godev, Mary Jane Kelley

The Third Edition of Más allá de las palabras, Intermediate Spanish is designed for use at the third and fourth semesters of college study. It uses a wealth of culturally rich content as the basis for intermediate level language study, and leads students to accomplish meaningful communication in Spanish while making connections to other disciplines such as history, geography, politics, music and literature. Más allá systematically prompts students to make comparisons between Hispanic cultures…

Healthcare in Latin America

Edited by David S. Dalton & Douglas J. Weatherford

Through this unique eclectic approach, contributors explore the development and representation of public health in countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and the United States. They examine how national governments, whether reactionary or revolutionary, have approached healthcare as a means to political legitimacy and popular support. Several essays contrast modern biomedicine-based treatment with Indigenous healing practices…

A Trip to the Country

By Henriette-Julie de Castelnau, Comtesse de Murat & edited and translated by Perry Gethner & Allison Stedman

Popular with the worldly aristocracy, late seventeenth-century experimental novels like the Countess de Murat’s Voyage de campagne (A Trip to the Country) were published in small format, widely circulated, and reprinted more frequently than any other type of fiction both in France and abroad…

Angeles Mastretta y el feminismo en mexico

By Carlos Coria Sánchez

El tema de esta obra es la contextualización del movimiento feminista mexicano de los años setenta y ochenta en la narrativa de Ángeles Mastretta. El propósito del estudio es aproximarse a la narrativa de Mastretta desde un enfoque histórico social para observar su cercana relación con el movimiento feminista mexicano y en especial al de la revista FEM…

Voyage de campagne

By Allison Stedman

Publié en 1699, le roman hybride de la comtesse de Murat présente la vision d’un monde alternatif formé par un groupe de jeunes aristocrates cultivés et désenchantés de l’absolutisme prôné par Louis XIV : on y recherche la liberté de se divertir, la formation d’une société sans règles officielles et l’entretien de rapports soit d’amitié soit d’amour. Sur le plan formel, le roman suit un cadre minimal ponctué par une grande variété de textes intercalés : contes de fées, contes de revenants (vrais, faux ou douteux), histoires d’amour et saynètes comiques…

Entre socios: español para el mundo profesional

By Carlos Coria-Sánchez and Carmen Carney

Entre socios: Español para el mundo profesional, 1/e serves as an introduction to the business world in Latin America as well as to the interaction between U.S. and Latin American companies and professionals. Original readings, journal articles, essays, excerpts from novels, and interviews with business professionals open students to the inner workings of small businesses and large corporations alike. Students are exposed to vocabulary, common phrases, and cultural issues that will help them be successful business professionals in the years to come. This intermediate to advanced Business Spanish title is intended for use over one semester…

Temas del comercio y la economía en la narrativa hispana

By Carlos Coria-Sánchez, Carlos and German Torres

Through a study of literature, the social and cultural issues that help form the identity of a people can be revealed and examined. The ten essays in Temas del comercio y la economía en la narrativa hispana investigate the relation between the Hispanic narrative and the economic and commercial concerns of Spanish-speaking peoples around the world from a variety of historical periods. Balancing a study of writers’ perspectives on current economic conditions with a look at literary versions of economic events, this anthology provides a window into Hispanic culture for both the student of Hispanic literature and the student of business in the Spanish-speaking markets…

Visiones: Realidades sociales en la literatura Hispana

By Carlos Coria-Sánchez, Carlos and German Torres

Visiones is a unique anthology of Spanish literature that employs literary texts to explore social, political, and economic issues specific to Hispanic cultures. The book approaches literary texts—novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and essays—in a new way, by focusing not on traditional literary analysis but on the social aspects of the works. The writings represent Latin America as well as Spain, and they encompass diverse topics ranging from urban living conditions to sexism in Hispanic society to different cultural attitudes that foreign business executives may encounter…


By Michèle Bissière

Textbook and Student Activities Manual, 3rd Edition. Flexible and culture-rich, SÉQUENCES goes beyond ordinary language texts to show students what it really means to be French through films, authentic readings, diverse audio materials, and relevant grammar and vocabulary exercises…

Espectáculo, normalización y representaciones otras: Las personas transgénero en la prensa y el cine de Colombia y Venezuela

By  Javier García León

El llamado auge de la visibilidad transgénero no ha sido ajeno a Latinoamérica, ejemplo de ello es el aclamado filme Una mujer fantástica (2017) galardonado con prestigiosos premios en la región y fuera de ella. El presente libro explora dicha visibilidad en la prensa y el cine de Colombia y Venezuela a través de una metodología interdisciplinar, interseccional y decolonial…

A Manual of Translation from English Into Russian

By Anastasia Koralova

Практикум предназначен для закрепления учебного материала, излагаемого в учебнике Комиссарова “Теория перевода (лингвистические аспекты)”. Он состоит из трех частей: в первой дан материал для проведения семинаров и самостоятельного углубленного изучения вопросов общей теории перевода, во второй – упражнения по частной теории перевода, третья часть содержит задания для самостоятельной работы с текстами переводов для сравнительного анализа…

Colonia DMZ

By Don Mee Choi, translated by Anton Pujol & Joan Elies-Addell

Colònia DMZ és un testimoni col·lectiu dels efectes de la violència militar i de l’imperialisme nord-americà sobre els civils de la península coreana. És una crònica poètica del retorn de l’autora a la seva Corea natal. És també una reivindicació de la literatura per copsar la tragèdia amb la bellesa, i és una defensa de la traducció com un «mode antineocolonial»…

Máximo Castillo and the Mexican Revolution

Edited by Jesús Vargas Valdés
Translated by Ana-Isabel Aliaga-Buchenau

Máximo Castillo and the Mexican Revolution is the first English-language translation of the memoirs of General Máximo Castillo of Chihuahua, a pivotal figure in the civil war that consumed Mexico between 1910 and 1920…

The “Dangerous” Potential of Reading

By Ana-Isabel Aliaga-Buchenau

The development of a mass readership, a mass market for books, and a prominent status of reading and readers is reflected in the central role of literacy, reading, and books in the lives of protagonists in nineteenth-century American and French literature. In this book, Ana-Isabel Aliaga-Buchenau examines the destabilizing role of reading in the works of Frederick Douglass, Horatio Alger, Emile Zola, Louisa May Alcott, and Gustave Flaubert…

Weasels in the attic

By Hiroko Oyamada, translated by David Boyd

In three interconnected scenes, Hiroko Oyamada revisits the same set of characters at different junctures in their lives. In the back room of a pet store full of rare and exotic fish, old friends discuss dried shrimp and a strange new relationship. A couple who recently moved into a rustic home in the mountains discovers an unsettling solution to their weasel infestation. And a dinner party during a blizzard leads to a night in a room filled with aquariums and unpleasant dreams. Like Oyamada’s previous novels, Weasels in the Attic sets its sights on the overlooked aspects of contemporary Japanese society, and does so with a surreal sensibility that is entirely her own…

What is Japanese cinema

By Yomota Inuhiko, translated by Philip Kaffen

Discussing popular works alongside auteurist masterpieces, Yomota considers films in light of both Japanese cultural particularities and cinema as a worldwide art form. He covers the history of Japanese film from the silent era to the rise of J-Horror in its historical, technological, and global contexts. Yomota shows how Japanese film has been shaped by traditional art forms such as kabuki theater as well as foreign influences spanning Hollywood and Italian neorealism…

Diary of a Void

By Emi Yagi, translated by David Boyd and Lucy North

When thirty-four-year-old Ms. Shibata gets a new job to escape sexual harassment at her old one, she finds that as the only woman at her new workplace—a manufacturer of cardboard tubes—she is expected to do all the menial tasks. One day she announces that she can’t clear away her coworkers’ dirty cups—because she’s pregnant and the smell nauseates her. The only thing is…

The Factory

By Hiroko Oyamada, translated by David Boyd

The English-language debut of one of Japan’s most exciting new writers, The Factory follows three workers at a sprawling industrial factory. Each worker focuses intently on the specific task they’ve been assigned: one shreds paper, one proofreads documents, and another studies the moss growing all over the expansive grounds. But their lives slowly become governed by their work—days take on a strange logic and momentum, and little by little, the margins of reality seem to be dissolving: Where does the factory end and the rest of the world begin? What’s going on with the strange animals here? And after a while—it could be weeks or years—the three workers struggle to answer the most basic question: What am I doing here?

The Hole

By Hiroko Oyamada, translated by David Boyd

Asa’s husband is transferring jobs, and his new office is located near his family’s home in the countryside. During an exceptionally hot summer, the young married couple move in, and Asa does her best to quickly adjust to their new rural lives, to their remoteness, to the constant presence of her in-laws and the incessant buzz of cicadas. While her husband is consumed with his job, Asa is left to explore her surroundings on her own: she makes trips to the supermarket, halfheartedly looks for work, and tries to find interesting ways of killing time…

Interviews with Mexican Women

By Carlos Coria Sánchez

Interviews with Mexican Women: We Don’t Talk About Feminism Here presents a series of conversations with Mexican women representing a wide geographical range within Mexico. The interviews broach current social issues and discuss their correlation to the Mexican feminist movement of the 1970s and 1980s. This unique project focuses on cultural, political, economic, and social topics as they pertain to Mexican women impacted (or not) by the women’s struggle in Mexico to achieve gender equality in their country…

Breasts and Eggs

By Mieko Kwakami, translated by Sam Bett and David Boyd

On a hot summer’s day in a poor suburb of Tokyo we meet three women: thirty-year-old Natsuko, her older sister Makiko, and Makiko’s teenage daughter Midoriko. Makiko, an ageing hostess despairing the loss of her looks, has travelled to Tokyo in search of breast enhancement surgery. She’s accompanied by her daughter, who has recently stopped speaking, finding herself unable to deal with her own changing body and her mother’s self-obsession…


By Mieko Kwakami, translated by Sam Bett and David Boyd

In Heaven, a fourteen-year-old boy is tormented for having a lazy eye. Instead of resisting, he chooses to suffer in silence. The only person who understands what he is going through is a female classmate, Kojima, who experiences similar treatment at the hands of her bullies. Providing each other with immeasurable consolation at a time in their lives when they need it most, the two young friends grow closer than ever. But what, ultimately, is the nature of a friendship when your shared bond is terror?

All the Lovers in the Night

By Mieko Kwakami, translated by Sam Bett and David Boyd

Fuyuko Irie is a freelance proofreader in her thirties. Living alone in an overwhelming city and unable to form meaningful relationships, she has little contact with anyone other than her colleague, Hijiri. But a chance encounter with a man named Mitsutsuka awakens something new in her. Through their weekly meetings, Fuyuko starts to see the world in a different light and still, painful memories from her past begin to resurface. As Fuyuko realizes she exists in a small world…

Friendly Russian

By Anastasia Koralova

Introductory textbook to Russian language, grammar and culture.

Mexicanos al grito de “viva estados unidos”

By Carlos Coria Sánchez

Este libro no es sobre toda mi vida en los Estados Unidos, por eso se divide en ensayos que ilustran diferentes etapas y temas culturales importantes desde mi punto de vista como extranjero, y que pueden ofrecer ayuda a
los mexicanos que deseen viajar al país del norte y a los norteamericanos que suspiren por conocer más sobre la cultura mexicana en los dos lados de la frontera, ya sea por cuestiones personales o de negocios…

Contemporary French Cinema: A Student’s Book

By Alan J. Singerman & Michèle Bissière

This book offers a detailed look at recent French cinema through its analyses of twenty notable and representative French films that have appeared since 1980. Sure to delight Anglophone fans of French film, it can be used with equal success in English-language courses and, when paired with its companion volume, dual-language ones…

Translation, Globalization and Translocation

Edited by Concepción B. Godev

  • Unites the disparate field of translation studies
  • Brings together literary translation studies, technical translation studies and pragmatic translation studies in a transnational setting
  • Encourages communication between specialists in various branches of translation studies

Mexican business culture

Edited by Carlos M. Coria Sánchez and John T. Hyatt

Western business owners and managers are increasingly interested in doing business in Mexico. Yet few have thoroughly investigated the country’s business climate and culture. This collection of new essays by contributors who work in and research the business culture of Mexico takes a combined academic and real-world look at the country’s vibrant and dynamic commerce. Topics include business and the government, conceptions of time, Mexican entrepreneurialism and the place of women in business…

Más allá de las palabras

By Olga Gallego Smith, Concepción B. Godev, Mary Jane Kelley

The Third Edition of Más allá de las palabras, Intermediate Spanish is designed for use at the third and fourth semesters of college study. It uses a wealth of culturally rich content as the basis for intermediate level language study, and leads students to accomplish meaningful communication in Spanish while making connections to other disciplines such as history, geography, politics, music and literature. Más allá systematically prompts students to make comparisons between Hispanic cultures…