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Over 60 million people worldwide speak Italian as their native language. Italian is a language of vital cultural, commercial, and political importance. Italy is known worldwide for its history, art history, architecture and literature. Italy is also famous for design and style. In addition, since the 1980’s Italy is one of the world’s largest consumer markets and industrial producers.

Add an Italian Minor to your degree and add Italian language skills to your resume. You will become more interesting to employers in all kinds of fields.

Come Explore the Italian Program:

The Italian Program offers you the following opportunities:

A Minor in Italian consists of 18-20 credit hours above the elementary language level. Students complete 12 credit hours of core language courses at the intermediate (2000) and advanced (3000) level. After completion of these language requirements, students take 6-8 credit hours of elective courses at the 3000 level. If the elective courses are taught in English they must be accompanied by a one-hour additional Italian language component in order to count toward the minor. Students who place out of the 6 credit hours of Intermediate Language courses must replace those 6 credit hours with 6 credit hours of elective courses. The exciting elective courses include such topics as Italian Culture and Civilization, History of Italian Film, Italian Mafia through Cinema, Cinema and Migration across the Mediterranean Sea through Italian Cinema, Topics on Translation.

Adding an Italian Minor improves your marketability. Career possibilities include:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Translation & Interpretation
  • Foreign Service
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Intelligence
  • Business
  • Journalism

Please see here a detailed list of courses and requirements for the Italian Minor or contact your advisor, Professor Daniela Cunico Dal Pra.

UNC Charlotte students have many opportunities to study abroad in Italy. You can choose a faculty-led program over Spring break for example to explore the Venete with the program La Serenissima, or spend four weeks with architecture, language, and art history faculty in Rome with the interdisciplinary Summer in Rome program. You can also choose to study in Italy for the semester or the academic year. These programs are designed for students with a passion for Italian language and culture, and those who plan to accelerate their language skills and cultural understanding during their stay in Italy.

For more information see the study abroad opportunities we offer on the website of the Office of Education Abroad and start finding YOUR PROGRAM now or contact the Italian Coordinator, Daniela Cunico Dal Pra.

Scholarship from Casa della Cultura Italiana

The Casa della Cultura Italiana offers a scholarship for students who study abroad at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Milan for a five week intensive Italian language course. Please contact Professor Daniela Cunico Dal Pra for information.

Aliaga-Buchenau Witness in Residence Scholarship

The Aliaga-Buchenau Witness in Residence Scholarship is part of the Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau Project which is a partnership between the college and community members. The partnership consists of an eyewitness-in-residence and study abroad scholarships. Its focus is to build a broad and deep culture within the college that connects the UNC Charlotte environment with cataclysmic events in the world and the people who have been affected by them and/or who have shaped them. These scholarships will provide students with the opportunity to study abroad and be exposed to an international community that has experienced an event related to genocide, the Holocaust, or a violation of human rights. This scholarship was made possible by the generous contribution of Ms. Dale F. Halton.

Please contact Professor Aliaga-Buchenau for more information and see the NinerScholars Portal.

Visit of Consul General of Italy

The Italian Program hosted the Consul General of Italy, the Honorable Pier Forlano. Over 80 students, faculty, and staff from diverse departments across campus were in attendance; this includes the College of Humanities & Earth and Social Sciences, the Belk College of Business, and the William States Lee College of Engineering. Board members of the Casa della Cultura Italiana (a local nonprofit) and the Honorary Consul of Italy were also present. The Honorable Pier Forlano was able to speak about the Italian language and his efforts to propagate Italian culture in the United States. He also spoke on the importance of learning and the relationships that were in place to promote the growth of Italian programs in American universities. The event was intended to raise student awareness about the different opportunities that can be accessed by studying the Italian language and culture, and to offer an opportunity for students to network. The event was hosted by the Italian Club of UNC Charlotte, with support from Dr. Daniela Dal Pra and board members of the Casa della Cultura Italiana.

Visit of Opera Singer

The Italian Program hosted the Opera singer Dario Di Vietri who talked about his experience performing in Bizet’s Opera Carmen at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. Students were fascinated by hearing about the singer’s work and path to becoming an opera singer.

Visit of Opera Carolina Maestro

The Italian program hosted the director of Opera Carolina, Maestro James Meena, and the scene designer Ivan Stefanutti, as well as the costume designer, Stefano Nicolao, for the Opera La Fanciulla del WEST, an opera by Puccini.

Visit of Italian Film Director

The Italian program hosted Film Director Andrea Segre, as part of the programming for the International Film Festival.

Visit of Italian Journalist

The Italian program hosted Journalist Gianantonio Stella, of the famous Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. He spoke to students about journalism in Italy and what path he took to become a journalist.

Italian Club

Italian Club of UNC Charlotte is an organization that brings people together to celebrate the rich culture Italy has to offer. We explore different aspects of Italian film, food, art, and travel! We also network in our community with other Italian organizations. Join us in expanding our horizons and learning more about Italy.

To get involved, please contact Rebecca (Becca) Levi! In addition, please feel free to contact Dr. Daniela Cunico Dal Pra ( or Maria Teresa Rains (

It hosts events such as:

Italian Coffee & Conversation Hour

Italian Movie Night

Italian Cheese Tasting

Coming soon!

Name Job Title Email
Daniela Cunico Dal Pra Teaching Professor, Interim Director of Film Studies & Coordinator of Italian
Valentina Lioce Adjunct Instructor of Italian
Maria Teresa Rains Adjunct Instructor of Italian

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