Russian Minor

It’s Worth Studying Russian!

Russia is the largest country in the world and stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea, covering eleven time zones and occupying one-seventh of the world territory. The Russian language is the fourth most spoken language globally. Russia is one of the largest producers of resources such as uranium, graphite, gold, copper, diamonds, petroleum, manganese, silver, and platinum. Russia is also the largest producer of natural gas. Russia is a huge market for US goods and service. In addition, many federal agencies such as the US Department of Agriculture, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services and many others like the State Department have identified Russian as a priority language. Learning Russian will allow you to be successful in the job market for American businesses working with Russia and for the federal agencies prioritizing the importance of Russian.

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The Russian Program offers you the following opportunities:

The Russian Minor requires a minimum of 20 credit hours above the elementary language level. Students complete 14 credit hours of core language classes at the intermediate (2000) and advanced (3000) level. After completion of these language requirements, students take 6 credit hours of required core courses at the 3000 level.

For more information see the description of the Minor Russian or contact your advisor, Professor Anastasia Koralova.

UNC Charlotte students have many opportunities to study abroad in Russia. You can choose a program to study in St. Petersburg or Moscow. These programs are designed for students with a passion for the Russian language and culture, and those who plan to accelerate their language skills and cultural understanding during their stay in Russia.

For more information on Study Abroad Opportunities in Russia visit the Office of Education Abroad and find Your Program or contact the coordinator of the Russian Minor, Professor Anastasia Koralova.

The annual UNC Charlotte International Festival is centered around booths arranged in colorful marketplace style representing the cultures of over 50 nations. The booths are staffed by UNC Charlotte international students and members of Charlotte’s international community and feature art, crafts and costumes from each participating country. Many booths offer international food for sale. Throughout the day the music and dance of a variety of nations are presented on indoor and outdoor stages. In addition, the International Festival, which is family-oriented, offers a number of elements such as mimes and face painting designed especially for children. The Russian program is well represented at IFest with a stand for Russia.

The Russian Club at UNC Charlotte is an organization dedicated to educating students on Russian culture and assisting students who are learning the Russian language. Our purpose for this organization is to spread awareness of Russian culture through social, academic, cultural, and other miscellaneous activities here in the UNC Charlotte community. This organization is open to all students here at UNC Charlotte, so feel free to join us throughout the semester!

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Name Job Title Email
Anastasia Koralova Teaching Professor & Coordinator of Russian
Kate Skorodinskaya Adjunct Instructor of Russian

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