Minor in Classical Studies (Discontinued)

This minor has been discontinued

For students still finishing out their coursework from this program:

Coursework in the Minor of Classical Studies focuses a student’s interest in ancient Mediterranean history and provides a foundation for advanced work in other academic disciplines as well as professional programs in law, medicine and finance. The Minor gives students an opportunity to develop a keener perception and better understanding of the cultural forces at work in the contemporary world. By presenting a broad selection of courses in the various disciplines of literature, philosophy and history, the minor provides students with a sound overview of Western antiquity.

The Classical Studies Program offers you the following opportunities:

The Classical Studies Minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours of coursework distributed over at least three of the following five areas of study:

Greek or Latin Language at the elementary level, Ancient Material Culture (Anthropology), Ancient History (History), Greek and Roman Literature (English), Greek and Roman Thought (Philosophy and Political Science). Many Liberal Studies courses may count towards the minor by permission of the coordinator.

For more information see the description of the Minor in Classical Studies.

Students can explore the amazing ruins of Ancient Greece by studying abroad in Greece. UNC Charlotte offers several programs in Athens and other interesting Greek locations. Among the programs offered in summer 2023 is this program directed by Dr. Boisvert.

For more information on Study Abroad Opportunities visit the Office of Education Abroad and find Your Program. For questions, please contact the Interim Coordinator of the Minor in Classical Studies, Professor Michèle Bissière.


  • Coble, Candace E., American Studies, Classical Studies
  • Kinley, Christopher L., Classical Studies
  • Lowman, Kristy A., American Studies, Classical Studies


  • Barbee, Andrew B., Classical Studies, Anthropology
  • Greene, Mary E., Classical Studies
  • Hubbard, Kendall B., Classical Studies
  • Kern, Katerina J., Classical Studies, Art History
  • Wold, Derrick, Classical Studies


  • Dalton, Mahalah D., Classical Studies
  • Satterfield, Grace K., Classical Studies
  • Wilds, Rebecca, Classical Studies


  • Hamer, Mariel K., Architectural Hist & Criticism, Classical Studies

Coordinator Michele Bissiere