Kate Skorodinskaya

Adjunct Instructor of Russian
COED 422








Kate Skorodinskaya is an instructor of Russian studies. She graduated in 1995 from Moscow State University with a M.A. degree in Journalism. She worked for Russian national TV channels (ORT, RTR) as a screen writer and editor of TV-programs, documentaries, and films. She worked as a screenwriter for the documentary series “Geniuses and Villains of the 20th century” which was awarded the Russian Television Academy award “Tefi” in 2000. As an editor of the company “ORT-video” (national TV-channel), Kate promoted new movies and TV series for the channel. In 2000, she started working for Russian magazines and newspapers (“Health”, “Arguments and Facts”). She wrote and edited articles, conducted interviews with legendary scientists working in various fields (medicine, psychology, biology and sociology) as well as Russian celebrities – singers, actors and directors. She is currently working remotely as an author for one of the most popular Russian newspapers “Arguments and Facts.” She writes columns and articles about the upbringing of children, education, and cultural aspects of everyday life. In 2012 she started teaching at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She teaches Elementary Russian courses, Russian Civilization and Culture, and Topics in Russian Films.


Adjunct Instructor in Russian, UNC Charlotte