Anastasia Koralova

Anastasia Koralova

Teaching Professor & Coordinator of Russian
Mebane Hall 448

Minor Advisor Russian
Program Coordinator Russian

Coordinator of Undergraduate Certificate of Translating Russian-English

Spring 2024 Office Hours:

Online Only: TR 3:45-4:45 or by appt.

Anastasia Koralova is a teaching professor of Russian. She built the Russian minor program at UNC Charlotte and is presently its coordinator and advisor. For a number of years, she has been also an adviser to the Russian students’ club. She is an author of over 40 publications, five books among them. Her research interests are in comparative linguistics, cultural aspects of the language, idiomatic resources, figurative speech (tropes), and theory of translation. Two of her coauthored books are focused on various aspects in teaching translation in class and can be used as manuals. She was often a speaker at ATA conferences. At the same time, she has been always interested in Russian literature, particularly in poetry, and had her poems and essays published in various Russian and American editions. In 2019, she became a finalist on a short-list for Moscow Literary Award. She teaches three levels of Russian classes and translation classes.


Ph.D., MSLU – Moscow Linguistic State University

M.A, MGU – Moscow State University


Teaching Professor of Russian, UNC Charlotte, 2010-present

Lecturer of Russian, UNC Charlotte, 2006 – 2010

Instructor of Russian, UNC Charlotte, 1993 – 2006

Visiting Lecturer of Russian, University of Delaware, 1992-1993

Professor of English-Russian Translation, Moscow Linguistic University, 1976-1991

Lecturer of English-Russian Translation, Moscow Linguistic University, 1965-1976

Specific Research Interests

Translation (English – Russian)

Russian literature (XIX – XX centuries)

Russian Poetry

Cultural and Social aspects in linguistics Idiomatic resources of the language

English borrowings in Russian

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