SPAN 1101 & 1102 Replacing 1201 & 1202

The department has made a decision to change course numbering for the elementary Spanish courses. In years prior, we offered 1101, 1102, 1201 and 1202. The difference being that 1201 and 1202 were hybrid format and worth 4 credit hours, while 1101 and 1102 were face to face only and worth 3 credit hours.

For several years now we have only offered 1201 and 1202. However, starting in the summer (and all following semesters) we will no longer offer SPAN 1201 and SPAN 1202. Instead we will offer SPAN 1101 and SPAN 1102 which contain the same content and the same difficulty level. The main difference will be in the timing of the courses. DegreeWorks will recognize 1201 and 1101 as roughly equivalent to each other. It will also recognize 1202 and 1102 as equivalent to each other. 

Registration will begin in April:

This means that if you are a student planning to take the next course after 1201, please look on Banner Self-Service for 1102 to complete the sequence. 

If you are a student who took SPAN 1201 and found that you wish to repeat 1201 to gain a better understanding of the content, simply register for 1101 and it will offer the same content. Given the change in the course number, you will not need a Repeat Override to be able to register.

Please help to spread the word to friends who may be interested in taking Spanish that the sequence numbers are now 1101, 1102, 2201, 2202, 3201, 3202,….